Grow Collective

October - December 2016

6 week project from studying and diagramming the designated site to designing for the site.


To develop a new centre for the Urban Agriculture of Pittsburgh for urban growing and farming.

A program was given to design for greenhouse, teaching spaces and staff offices. The human experience and journey around the site was focused upon to develop the final design.



Before starting to design the new centre, the studio were split into groups of 11 people to research about agriculture and the existing site conditions to help inform ourselves for the design process. My group focused on harvest, the methods to harvesting and the ways to improve harvest. Below are images of the double-sided pamphlet.

Group project: Xin Chen, Zhi Tao Chen, Dave Choi, Kornrat Euchukanonchai, Han Kyaw, Alex Lin, Kelly Lu, Rachel Park, Alvin Wong, Christine Zhu

Team Harvest poster-1.jpg
Team Harvest poster-2.jpg

Final Design

A walk through the centre

A walk through the centre