February - March 2016

2 month project from designing to developing construction drawings to creating the final model.


The second project is a partner project where we had to design and create a four-feet long, wood construction that requires structural performance and aesthetic qualities.

My partner and I focused on the aesthetic of illusion through a spiraling prism and the view within the tunnel as well as the structural qualities of the joints between sub-assemblies. Through this project, we learned to develop appropriate joints and consider the order of assembly, which becomes clear when developing and editing the construction drawing set. Another aspect considered was to be economic with the 8 board feet wood provided. So most of the span is frame-like except for the top triangular cross. 

As our design required most pieces to be of different sizes and angles, one thing we struggled with was accuracy. 

Partner Project: Jamie Ho, Scarlet Tong




All pieces of span


Assembled frame

50lbs placed on centre of span

Interior view